Do KAMIN heaters bring any danger?
KAMIN heaters are completely safe. Moreover, its heating provides the blood circulation acceleration and promoting you to feel refreshed. Infrared beams of KAMIN heaters penetrate inside the human body, heating the tissues which is important for healing radiculitis, sinusitis, URI, etc. (Stonetherapy is one of the ancient methods of relaxation and recovery with more than a thousand years history. In China, warm stones were used for relaxing muscles at the time of Chang dynasty (2000-1500 y.b.c.).).
May my child or my pet get a burn?
No. KAMIN heaters are completely safe for children and pets due to hidden heating element. You may be surprised when your pet chooses a place near KAMIN panel as its favorites.
I have asthmas. I can’t stay in places with electric heaters. Does your heater use the same method?
KAMIN heater doesn’t burn oxygen and dust out unlike the traditional electric heaters. This fact is very important for people who have difficulties with breathing or allergists due to not making any changes in air consistence.


What kind of heating element is used in KAMIN heaters?
Nichrome - Cr20Ni80. It’s a widely used precision composition of chrome and nickel with a high electrical resistance. Nickel (Ni) is the main metal in these composites.
What is the lifetime of heating elements?
The lifetime of heating element is 35 000 -37 000 hours of uninterrupted work.
What is the advantage of a heater with a controller?
A heater with a controller allows to automatically controlling room temperature and inner temperature of a heater. This allows you to efficiently save the electricity. The additional programming controller allows also switching to night regime with automatic turn-off and setting the working time for a heater.
Is there an opportunity of stage power control and how does it affect the power consumption?
KAMIN heaters work only in on/off modes. This means the programming controller turns the heater off so that inflicts lowering power consumption.


What are KAMIN advantages to other heaters?
Simplicity of mount, warranty time and efficiency.
What is ceramic heater?
Ceramic heater is a heater using infrared flux from ceramic granite and original convection, which is provided by warm air fluxes on direct heating of a heaters shell.
Why does KAMIN heater not burn the oxygen out?
The hidden heating element is hermetically pasted to the shell and ceramic granite so it has no contacts with the air.
Is there a way to heat only a few part of a place?
Yes, KAMIN heaters provide local warming.


What is the warranty time for KAMIN heaters?
5 years of fullsupported warranty from the manufacturer.
What should I do to if my heater stops functioning?
You should turn to nearest service center with your warranty card. If the time of your warranty cars is not expired, you will get the free replacement.