Ceramic heaters 475W for 7-10 m2

Ceramic panels are perfect choice for a local heating and a global heating for your apartments, house, sauna or any other place as well. This is the cheapest decision according to electricity consumption calculations.

KAMIN ceramic heaters are using the brand new technologies and qualitative Ukrainian components, which is leading to excellent results in economics and efficiency of their work.

Purchasing our ceramic panel you get also the confidence in warming, comfort, economy and magnificent element of your place interior!

Ceramic heaters 525W for 8-12 m2

KAMIN ceramic electric heaters are providing efficient local and main heating for any place with the height of 4 m2.

It is a simple and modern engineer decision, which provides you efficient heating with maximum economy of electricity.

The construction stands thus, so all the warm is spent on air heating and the warming flux in front of panel (infrared emission) warms the objects situated in room. This leads to most efficient functioning of a heater.

All the components are ecologically clean and safe and passed all the respective tests. All the licenses and certificates are applied.

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