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A radiator grille is added to the housing of this heater model, which enhances the convection of warm air, this allows to increase the rate of heating of the room. This technology of air heaters allows you to produce the most economic heaters. The price of an infrared heater is reduced several times, in comparison with radiators of heating.
Ceramic panels series Eko Hit is a combination of European ceramic technology and quality components.
The system of infra-red heating is still a novelty in the system of heaters, and very soon such a heater will be for everyone in the house, apartment, garage, warehouse, bathroom, kitchen, nursery and in the office!
On these heating panels, you can also apply any picture or photo and it will be like a warm picture on your wall! The panel heater is the most economical purchase for your home, which brings to your house a soft warmth, beautiful design and does not take very little space. The prices for such heaters will pleasantly surprise you!
Smart heaters are modern electric heating systems with the ability to fully control the temperature in the room.
Thermostat features
-Monitoring the surface temperature of the panel (independent of the mains voltage)
-Automatic room temperature control (accuracy 0.5 degrees)
-Quiet operation (switching via relay)
-No hysteresis (the panel finds the desired surface temperature depending on the heat loss of the room)
-Easy to use (only 2 buttons: raise / lower the tempo in the room) and information (temperature, current heating mode, clock, etc.)
-Sound indication
-Operating voltage range 160-250 V
-Check for grounding.
Under the order the temperature regulator-programmer: Heating by the hour program with a daily / weekly cycle (for each hour one of 6 modes: comfort, economy, anti-freeze, disabled, etc.)
Order already now a heater that combines the principle of an electric convector and an infrared heater. This is a completely new kind of electric heating, which gives not only warmth and comfort, but also emphasize the beauty of your room. The uniqueness of our panels is that we can apply to our heater any image, photograph or picture provided by the customer or taken from our photobank. Thus, our heaters are ideally suited to any interior whether it be a living room, a bedroom, a nursery, a kitchen, a bathroom or an office.
A new service from our company is backlighting on the ceramic panel: keeping up with the modern design, our company offers you not only a high-quality and beautiful heater, but now with illumination! This tandem has never been combined before us!

Technical specifications

Rated watts- 475 ± 5 %

Rated voltage- 220 ± 10 %

Amperage- 2,27 / 1,9

Operating temperature: front surface- + 72°С

Operating temperature: rear surface- + 80°С

The heated area- 10 м2

Overall dimensions of the heater- 600 х 600 х12

Degree of protection - IP-44

Guarantee for heaters- KAMIN easy heat – 5 лет

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