Become a dealer



KAMIN Group is a leading manufacturer of qualitative ceramic heaters. We always explore the consumer markets and climate conditions for every region to produce the most efficient heating panels.

Everyone can purchase a ceramic heater, while infrared wall heaters satisfy all the needs of heating and drying places of every kind.

Full maintenance of trades

Becoming our dealer you will increase the variety of your products and sell the product the market needs as well!

We support your company with full specter of services which help you to attract the costumer quickly and with no additional costs:

  • All the ad: banners, catalogues, booklets, etc.
  • Full technical support from our managers, who provides you any info you are interested in.
  • We grant you free dealers politics (we could present you as a dealer on our ads or in the web). We expand your customer base from local to worldwide!

A big quantity of positive recalls on KAMIN ceramic heaters also improves your positions as a efficient supplier in your region.

We are ready to provide you with permanent customers and it’s you to decide if it will be your main or additional income!